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Riverdale review

Riverdale is the kind of series I really enjoy watching, season one kept me guessing till the very end..I think all of the actors play very good parts, it’s really weird for me because I grew up watching Cole sprouse in suite life of Zack and Cody and suite life on deck. As for the the other actors I’ve never seen them before but I think they’re all fab!

I’m struggling whether to pin Cheryl as a bad or a good guy..well girl..she seems to love causing trouble and being in control of things, but then seems to help out when it comes to things that are important.

Betty seems to have a weird thing going on she obviously has a dark side which really she is keeping under control at the minute but surely that’s bound to come out in the next seasons to come.

Veronica seems to be getting on with everyone just fine though she’s always telling everyone how horrible she was in her old school, can someone change that easily? Season 2 starts to show how manipulative she can really be.

Archie seems a nice guy so far stands up for himself and always willing to prove himself to everyone, not always sure that’s a good thing but at least he’s trying right?

Jug-head I’ve notice he’s the one who’s really telling the story which makes me think his book that he’s writing must have worked out well for him, but then really is he just showing up what he wants us to think of people his opinion of people because it’s his story.

Kevin seems nice he doesn’t seem to get in to trouble apart from sneaking around with different guys all the time but that’s mostly season 2 and maybe he’s lonely after Joaquin left him who I believe was his first boyfriend. But I’m not making excuses for anyone..

I’m not going to go into every character the last one I’m gunna mention is chic..Betty’s brother who we’ve not seen much of yet but I bet he’s gunna cause some trouble..

Oh wait no let me just mention the black hood..do we actually think he’s been caught? Of course not Archie doesn’t seem to think so..he didn’t have the bright green eyes! Surely that wasn’t him..

My top 10 Disney movies!

Hi for all who read my last blog I pointed out that inside out was not my favourite Disney film so I though I’d rank my favourite movies 1-10!

1) Little mermaid

Of course this is my favourite Disney film! What’s not to love, I know all the song and pretty much every word to that film I’ve watched it that many times!


Moana is a more recent Disney film but it stole my heart straight away just like Maui stole Ti fiti’s!

3) Beauty and the beast

Beauty and the beast is such a romantic story teaching you that it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside it’s on the inside that counts and makes someone love you. Absolutely magical!

4) Lion king

Lets be honest if lion king isn’t in your top 5 at least!! Have you even watched it?

5) Sleeping beauty

As well as all the magic and romance..it’s that colour changing dress that’s stole my heart. If only I had some magic fairies of my own.

6) Mulan

If you haven’t watched Mulan then dishonour on you, dishonour on your cow, dishonour on your whole family!!

7) Cinderella

Why? Because watching little singing mice cheers me up.

8) Tangled

Absolutely loved the songs in this film..would of never married Flynn Rider if he cut off all my hair like that.

9) Dumbo

Apart from the fact that elephants are my favourite animal dumbo embraced his flaws and when he did he could fly..

10) Lady and the tramp

It doesn’t matter where you come from it matters when you go..

Inside out review

Hi all, today’s review is less of a review and more of the things I noticed. So I’ve watched this film loads of times I absolutely love it. If you haven’t watched it it’s about what goes on in the human mind all the emotions up there but made for children. So Riley is born and the first emotion in her brain is..happiness of course quickly followed by sadness to of the main emotions I’d say..then she get disgust, anger and fear I’d say if this was my head I’m probably more controlled by happiness and fear..anger is probably locked away somewhere.

I did seem to notice that Riley was controlled by happiness..but did anyone else notice that the mom was controlled by sadness? The main emotion in her life is sadness..which is pretty upsetting where as the dad he was controlled by anger..the kids watching would probably not notice that small detail but I sure did.

Inside out personally to me was a great film but I wouldn’t say it was my favourite.

Overall great film!

The greatest show man- Movie review

For my first ever blog I will be sharing my view on the film ‘The greatest showman’ and wow didn’t Hugh Jackman give a good show! Absolutely brilliant! Now I went in to this film not knowing it was a musical, but that doesn’t matter because I love a good musical. I thought this film was super inspirational the fact that it’s telling you never to give up, it might not have been your first choice but it doesn’t mean it won’t be your best you have to make a couple of detours to find your true calling, P.T Burnum didn’t know he was going to be putting on a show ‘the circus’ which it was once named after some criticism, criticism he took lightly. I thought this film was so magical, there was people crying in the cinema from happy and sad tears its was such a touching movie! (I will definitely be buying the sound track) it also teaches you that even if you’re a bit different it doesn’t matter it matters what is in side not how you look you are just as important as anybody else! Now if I go in to the film to much I’ll spoil it for all you guys and gals who haven’t watched it yet..so go watch you won’t be disappointed!